Microsurgical Techniques

The application of new technologies in the field of neurosurgery, namely in microsurgery of the brain requires a high degree of professional training. These surgeries are the most difficult and complex because of the need for high precision and a highly skilled neurosurgeon. Herzliya Medical Center’s private clinic of Neurosurgery is equipped with the most modern equipment; specialists use the latest methods of diagnosis, as well as in the surgical treatment of diseases of the brain and spinal cord.

Advanced Microsurgery of the Brain

Modern microsurgery has enhanced the capabilities of experts to conduct procedures ranging in complexity by using neurosurgical microscopes. Further detail is provided during the surgery by the use of a high-powered microscope that detects minimal changes to tissue that is invisible to the naked eye. Surgical microscopes also help to visualize the finest nerve endings and blood vessels. The use of optical devices, digital image processing of the surgical field image and innovative microsurgical instruments ensures unmatched precision during surgery. Microsurgery of the brain at Herzliya Medical Center has radically changed the prognosis of patients with diseases that were inoperable in the past.


The well-equipped operating theaters of Herzliya Medical Center performs cranioplasty surgeries - restoration of bone defects of the skull, including the bones of the face, such surgeries often require the use of microsurgical techniques. Cranioplasty may require medical intervention by other related specialties such as ENT specialists, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, among other experts in the field of maxillofacial surgery. An integrated surgical team that are the best specialists in Israel conduct the complex procedure.

Brain Endoscopy

In recent years, diagnostic and treatment methods of neurosurgery have increasingly applied endoscopic (minimally invasive) procedures that differ from the traditional surgical procedures, and with a number of indisputable advantages. Modern endoscopic equipment at Herzliya Medical Center allows for complex surgeries, including removal of skull base tumors, pituitary gland and brain ventricles, without having to resort to open surgery. Endoscopic surgery of the brain reduces damage to the surrounding tissues, thereby reducing the risk of complications during surgery, as well as influencing a swift post-operative rehabilitation.

Intraoperative Visualization and Navigation in Neurology

The possibility of effective and safe surgical treatment depends on an accurate determination of the location of the pathological process. Herzliya Medical Center use the most advanced visualization and intraoperative navigation, based on the use of MRI, CT and infrared radiation directly during surgery. During the surgery, the neurosurgery clinic constantly receive images of the brain, which further increases the accuracy of the procedure. Intraoperative navigation helps to conduct unique surgeries in close proximity to vital structures of the brain with minimal risk of complications. In addition to advanced navigation systems, hospital specialists apply modern MRI and CT scanners, allowing to obtain high-definition images and the maximum resolution.

Frozen Section Biopsy during Surgery

The method of microscopic examination of a frozen slice of tissue enables visualization of the pathological process during surgery. The advantage of this method is that the pathological process (removed tissue) is studied directly during surgery, without having to wait for the results of histological analysis that usually takes a few days. The results of frozen section biopsy may affect the initial plans of surgery. This method also prevents the need to perform repeated surgical interventions of the brain.

Herzliya Medical Center acquire the best neurosurgeons in Israel, all with extensive experience in modern invasive procedures.

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