Herniated Disc Surgery in Israel

Thousands of surgeries for herniated disc treatment in Israel have been successfully carried out by the experts of "Herzliya Medical Center"private hospital. At the hospital, leading neurosurgeons ensure unsurpassed quality and effectiveness of herniated disc treatment."Herzliya Medical Center" is one of the largest centers of spinal surgery in Israel, operating on hundreds of patients each year from all over the world.The high professional level of the doctors, advanced medical equipment, superior quality and excellent postoperative care and hospitalization conditions help patients to recover quickly after undergoing spinal surgery.

What is a herniated disc?

The human spine daily withstands enormous loads when moving and lifting heavy objects, or with a long stay in a non-physiological position.Intervertebral discs act as natural shock absorbers, reducing friction and preventing damage to the vertebral spinal nerves.The disc is composed of a dense fibrous capsule and some jelly-like content, giving it a high elasticity.Traumatic injuries, as well as inflammatory and metabolic disorders can damage the normal structure of the intervertebral disc, the mixing or bulging abnormal part of which is called a hernia.

What are the symptoms of herniated discs?

A herniated disc can cause narrowing of the spinal canal and can also cause serious neurological symptoms.Among the main symptoms of the disease the following should be noted:

  • Pain at the site of the damage, as well as pain along the nerve.Pinching spinal nerves can cause excruciating pain, limiting the mobility of the patient.
  • Sensitivity disorder is a consequence of the defeat of sensory nerve endings
  • Mobility impairments that can even result in the development of limb weakness and paralysis
  • The defeat of the pelvic organs with the development of urinary and faecal incontinence.

Untimely appeal to professionals can cause the development of irreversible changes and severe disability.

Diagnosis of herniated disc

Experts at "Herzliya Medical Center" Private Hospital conduct a thorough diagnosis of the intervertebral discs, including an examination by a neurologist, as well as modern methods of X-ray and visual diagnostics, among which; computed tomography (CT), myelography, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are of particular importance.

Surgery for herniated disc in Israel

Experts at "Herzliya Medical Center" private hospital introduce innovative techniques of minimally invasive spinal surgery procedures for the treatment of discogenic syndrome, providing HMC a remarkable universal reputation as the leading neurosurgery center in Israel.
Among the main surgical treatment of herniated discs in Israel, specialists successfully apply at "Herzliya Medical Center" the following procedures:

  • A classic diskectomyuntil recently was one of the main operations in herniated disc treatment.During this surgery any abnormal protrusion is eliminated and those parts of the disk are removed that can lead to the narrowing of the spinal canal and to nerve roots infringement
  • Microsurgical discectomy is a modern high-tech procedure which allows to correct defects of the intervertebral disc, keeping the ability to function.The application of a microscope in spinal surgery significantly increases the effectiveness of the surgical treatment
  • An endoscopic discectomy allows for microsurgical interventions assisted with an endoscope - a flexible optical device, which provides a clear image of the surgical field without performing extensive surgical incision.Endoscopic surgery can significantly reduce the recovery period and the likelihood of complications during and after surgery

According to the diagnosis of each patient, an individual program of treatment and complication prevention is carried out.Unfortunately, conservative treatment of a herniated disc is not always effective enough when a progressive disease is diagnosed .The development of neurosurgery in Israel can effectively restore the function of the spine, preventing potential complications.Spinal surgery centers in Israel specialize in different types of transactions in violation of the integrity of the intervertebral discs.At "Herzliya Medical Center" the most modern methods of treatment of herniated discs are applied with excellent results and a minimal likelihood of postoperative complications.

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