Endoscopic Sympathectomy in the Treatment of Hyperhidrosis

Effective treatment of hyperhidrosis in Israel is conducted by Professor Naftali Freud in the leading private hospital - "Herzliya Medical Center." Innovative methods of treatment are introduced at "Herzliya Medical Center" which achieve excellent results in surgeries of any complexity. Professor Naftali Freud is one of Israel’s leading experts in the field of endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery ensuring efficiency and an unprecedentedly low rate of postoperative complications.

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a common problem among people of all ages. Sweat is a part of the normal physiological process of thermoregulation and excretion. Increasing or reducing the amount of perspiration of the body can regulate body temperature, and allocate the excess fluids and salts. Sweating is regulated by the autonomic nervous system, the disruption of which can lead to hyperhidrosis at certain parts of the body, usually the underarms, palms and feet.


The impact of hyperhidrosis on one’s quality of life

Manifestation of autonomic dysfunction causing hyperhidrosis can be diagnosed at early childhood, but in most cases it begins to be felt in the ages of 8-10 years. Sweating causes a number of unpleasant sensations that affect the quality of life and social adaptation of adolescents, including:


  • Unpleasant odor, which is a consequence of bacterial cells in areas of excessive perspiration (characteristic axillary)
  • Difficulties to keep things smooth for wet palms
  • Wet footprints and handprints on clothes and objects (especially visible on paper sheets, books, notebooks, etc.)
  • Psychological disorders caused by loss of contact with peers and failed integration in the community (others may avoid shaking hands because of the constantly moist palms)
  • Timely treatment of specialists will help get rid of these unpleasant events and prevent the development of physical discomfort and inferiority complexes.

    Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Israel

Modern methods of treatment of hyperhidrosis in Israel include:

  • Application of antiperspirants (means of reducing perspiration) and deodorants (means of reducing odor)
  • Medicated preparations which have a partial and temporary effect, affecting the entire body, which can cause side effects, it is extremely undesirable in childhood and adolescence
  • Surgical treatment - sympathectomy surgery during which doctors cross sect the path of sympathetic nerve fibers in the nodes located in the chest. This procedure is able to completely prevent sweating in the armpits and palms. Classical sympathectomy is an open surgery on the chest, with the risk of postoperative complications and a long recovery period
  • An innovative method of minimally invasive thoracoscopic sympathectomy was successfully applied by Professor Naftali Freud at "Herzliya Medical Center", which makes it possible to carry out this procedure in one step, minimizing the risk of complications and reducing recovery period. The operation is safe and allows patients of all ages to undergo this procedure. Up to date, endoscopic sympathectomy is the only effective treatment for hyperhidrosis of the palms and axilla.
    During the procedure, through a small incision in the armpit, a fiber-optic instrument (endoscope) is introduced, equipped with a powerful camera which gives a clear picture and expands the chest cavity. After determining the location of the sympathetic ganglia the surgery is performed, stopping further sweating. The operation is conducted under general anesthesia on both sides of the chest, eliminating the need for repeated treatments. The absence of wide surgical incisions with the use of minimally invasive techniques have less traumatic effects and allow patients to be released a day after surgery. Patients feel the results of the operation immediately after the procedure. Compensatory increase in sweating in other parts of the body is usually temporary and does not cause significant discomfort.
    The staff of "Herzliya Medical Center" make every effort to ensure a superior quality of service and provide patients the opportunity to receive the most advanced treatment in Israel.

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