Dr. Iliya Pekarski

Dr. Iliya Pekarski


  • Spinal surgery. Surgical and non-surgical treatment of herniated discs, surgical treatment of ostechondrosis, treatment of spinal curvature and fractures, minimally invasive spinal procedures, surgical treatment of spinal tumors, non-surgical treatment of back pain.

Clinical experience

  • Formally senior spinal surgeon at Meir Medical Center
  • Currently senior consultant and spinal surgeon at Herzliya Medical Center


  • Multiple professional courses in spinal surgery and orthopedics in Italy, France, Spain, Austria, USA


  • Israel Assoc. Of Spinal Surgeons
  • European Assoc. Of Spinal Surgeons
  • Israeli Association of Orthopedics

Academic Appointment

  • International spinal surgery instructor

Publications and Articles

  • http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Pekarsky+I#sthash.t07cKR7S.dpuf

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