Dr. Yoram Simon Zandhaus

Dr. Yoram Simon Zandhaus


  • Pediatrics. Pediatric Neurology
  • Child development
  • Neurological disorders of the autism spectrum
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Clinical experience

  • Earlier the Head of the Department of Pediatric Neurology at various public clinics in the district of Tel Aviv, and led a private practice in pediatrics
  • Currently, the head of the national pediatric neurology faculty under the health insurance scheme "Meuhedet"
  • The founder of the program of preventive monitoring of children's health in the framework of the health insurance fund "Meuhedet"
  • Leading child neurologist at the Herzliya Medical Center


  • 1991 - graduated from the residency training in pediatrics
  • 1992 - took a refresher course on the topic of observation of newborns in England
  • 1999 - graduated from the three-year training program in the field of child development
  • 2005 - passed a medical seminar in Salzburg on the topic of early childhood development
  • 2007 - took a refresher course on the topic of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • 2008 - graduated from the residency training in pediatric neurology


Board Memberships and Affiliations

  • The Royal Society of Medicine (England)
  • Community pediatricians England
  • One of the founders of the Israeli Society for Child Development

Experience in academic practice

  • He teaches, instructs students and is a member of various committees of the Student Admission
  • Develops and conducts various exams
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