General Surgery in Israel

The Department of General Surgery at Herzliya Medical Center specializes in treating a wide range of diseases requiring surgical intervention. General surgery in Israel involves the use of cutting-edge methods of invasive diagnostic and surgical procedures made possible, with an unsurpassed professional level of specialists and advanced medical equipment. A patient’s speedy recovery is due to excellent hospitalization conditions that meet the global standards of comfort, highly professional care, as well as the positive attitude of the staff.

Herzliya Medical Center is a leader in the use of minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques that have commonly replaced conventional surgery. The use of innovative surgical interventions have resulted in minimal post-operative complications and a shorter recovery period, patients are able to return to their usual daily routines far sooner.

Why Choose HMC For Surgery in Israel:

  • A multidisciplinary professional team providing outstanding treatment and dedicated personal care and support
  • Sophisticated operating theaters equipped with cutting-edge technology and devices
  • Laboratories, institutes, imaging centers, a blood bank, an intensive care unit
  • Departments and luxurious hospitalization rooms at a five-star hotel level

International patients that arrive to Herzliya Medical Center receive the highest quality of medical treatment in Israel, including those that are undergoing general surgery. A dedicated Case Manager is appointed to each patient; they assist the patient with all the necessary arrangements pre- and post-surgery.

General surgery in Israel, and especially at Herzliya Medical Center private hospital, always puts the patient and his/ her safety as the top priority. Innovative technologies and minimally invasive methods ensure that general surgery in Israel has a high success rate.

Other Complex and Lengthy Surgeries at HMC:

  • Abdominal vascular
  • Gastric and esophageal
  • Intestinal
  • Hepatic and pancreatic
  • Excision of malignant tumors from various parts of the abdomen and other regions

The hospital has a 6-bed intensive care unit for the treatment of the most complicated cases.

The surgeons at Herzliya Medical Center are experts in their field with a wealth of knowledge in their respective specialties. All surgeons are heads of departments in renowned hospitals in Israel. The surgeons are sought-after for all types of surgeries.

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