Professor Ziv Ben-Ari


  • Hepatologist -International specialist in the diagnosis & treatment of liver disease and liver transplant
  • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic viral hepatitis B, C, D
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute viral hepatitis A
  • Diagnosis and treatment of liver disease caused by viruses CMV and EBV
  • Diagnosis and treatment of fatty liver
  • Treatment of liver damage caused by the use of drugs or alcohol
  • Diagnosis and treatment of liver disease during pregnancy
  • Diagnosis of liver disease of unknown origin
  • Explanation and interpretation of clinical laboratory results in liver function tests, as well as the results of instrumental diagnostic methods - ultrasound, CT, MRI and biopsy
  • Consultation on the need for liver biopsy
  • Diagnosis and treatment of liver cirrhosis and its complications
  • Diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune hepatitis, and liver damage due to biliary tract disease - primary biliary cirrhosis
  • Treatment of hereditary liver diseases, including Wilson's disease
  • Advice on methods of treatment of primary liver cancer and the use of such techniques as: partial removal of liver ablation and chemoembolization
  • Consultations on liver transplant patients after observation of liver transplantation
  • Diagnosis and treatment of benign liver tumors

Clinical Experience

  • Lead consultant in the largest medical centers in Israel, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases (private clinic "Herzliya Medical Center," Medical Center "Sheba"), and a consultant liver transplant in centers worldwide
  • Head of the Center Treatment of liver diseases at "Sheba Tel Hashomer"


  • Head of the Israeli Center for the Study of Liver Diseases
  • Member of the European and American Research Organizations diseases and liver transplant

Academic Experience

  • Communication and coordination of research activities in collaboration with the world academic centers specializing in the study of liver diseases
  • Participation in international conferences in the field of hepatology in the leading centers in the U.S. and Europe

Publications and Articles

  • Published more than 120 scientific papers and studies in the diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases, including publications relating to liver transplantation

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