ENT Department (Otolaryngology)

Otolaryngology (AKA ENT - ear, nose and throat) at Herzliya Medical Center provides a full spectrum of medical and surgical solutions for disorders of the head and neck, or more restrictively called diseases of the ear, nose and throat – supported by cutting-edge precision diagnostic techniques.

The clinic hosts internationally renowned physician researchers and experienced ENT specialists, who lead the way in Israel, offering diversified treatment options for both pediatric and adult patients. This diverse field also gives precedence to a number of sub-specialties that stem from it. The major sub-specialties of Herzliya Medical Center's ENT Department are:

  • Otology and Audiology (diseases of the ear, mostly impaired hearing and balance problems)
  • Rhinology (medical or surgical treatment of nasal and sinus disorders, including allergies, chronic sinusitis, sleep apnea)
  • Laryngology (problems with voice and swallowing function)
  • Head and neck surgery (surgical treatment of head and neck cancers or other abnormalities of the thyroid, salivary or lymphatic glands)
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgeries of the face (after traumatic events or functional/ aesthetic considerations)
  • Pediatric ENT disorders (congenital diseases like cleft lip and palate, speech pathologies)
  • Facial nerve disorders

Why Choose the ENT Department at Herzliya Medical Center?

The department was designed to demonstrate the perfect fusion of technology and human expertise. The department takes pride in its use of the latest screening and diagnostic tools, such as endoscopic and laparoscopic techniques, as well as advanced imaging systems.

Board-certified doctors at Herzliya Medical Center's ENT Department are constant participants of international training on the latest advances and research projects, ensuring unsurpassed global medical standards. The expert surgeons working at the ENT Department specialize further, principally in the advanced methods of minimally invasive techniques that aim to reduce bleeding, shorten recovery time and minimize risks. The most sought after treatments at Herzliya Medical Center's ENT Department include:

  • Cleft Lip and cleft palate surgery
  • Tympanoplasty (eardrum repair)
  • Salivary gland surgery
  • Thyroid and parathyroid surgery
  • Nasal sinuses surgery, endoscopic nasal surgery
  • Rhinoplasty (both medical and cosmetic)
  • Septoplasty (correction of the functionality of the nasal septum)
  • Polypectomy (removal of nasal polyps)
  • Balloon sinuplasty (to treat chronic sinusitis)
  • Placement of cochlear implants and other hearing aid technologies
  • Head and neck oncologic operations

All the above methods are listed among the approved procedures performed on a daily basis at the department.

The hospital places special emphasis on the reception of international patients to recieve treatment in Israel, who arrive mostly for surgical interventions of chronic disorders of the head and neck. Patient care takes place in convenient single, double or VIP hospital wards in the ENT department. Patients can undergo all necessary laboratory tests, diagnostic procedures, surgical (and non-surgical) treatments and aftercare that are all conveniently located in a single setting.

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