Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening

Diagnosis of lung cancer in Israel: lung CT protocol of low-dose irradiation

Recent years have shown a dramatic increase in the incidence of malignant neoplasms, including a particularly aggressive form of cancer - lung cancer. Treatment of lung cancer in Israel allows most patients to achieve a full recovery or an effective control in the spread of the tumor. The results of lung cancer treatment depends on the stage of the disease; that is why, timely diagnosis, especially in high-risk groups, is crucial in the prediction of a successful therapy, the control of symptoms and increasing patients’ life-span.

Program of early diagnosis of lung cancer in Israel

The main objective of early diagnosis of lung cancer is a timely detection of the disease at the stage which allows for a radical treatment to achieve a full recovery. The anatomical and physiological features of the lungs, as well as histological features encountered in these types of cancer that contribute to the rapid spread of the disease. Most patients seek treatment at the stage of metastatic spread of the tumor, which greatly complicates treatment and worsens the prognosis of survival. Early diagnosis of lung cancer is of paramount importance in patients who belong to risk groups, such as carriers of genetic mutations or have relatives who suffer from lung cancer; patients who have had cancer in the past; smokers, as well as those affected by domestic or occupational exposure to carcinogens.

The main criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of programs, devised for an early diagnosis of cancer and in particular lung cancer are:

  • Accuracy of diagnostic method to determine the pathological processes in a timely manner
  • The high specificity of the diagnostic procedure that allows to reduce the number of false positives
  • High safety for the patient and the absence of significant side effects

Computed tomography as the main method of diagnosing lung cancer

Computed tomography (CT) is a radiographic method of investigation during which layered images of the body are recorded in different projections.

During the study the used contrast agent applied can be mapped clearly on X-rays, which significantly improves image quality. The resulting images are processed using a computer, which allows you to recreate the exact three-dimensional structure of a certain organ, or an anatomical area of the body.

Computed tomography can detect even minor structural changes in the lungs that are typical to the initial stages of cancer long before the appearance of the first clinical signs of the disease. Because cancer treatment in Israel is based on determining the stage and type of the cancer, early diagnosis using computed tomography helps early biopsy in the suspicious area, confirming or denying the presence of cancer.

Sensitivity studies allows high probability judgments not only on the size of the pathological process and the degree of involvement of the surrounding anatomical structures, but also on the nature of the lesion (benign or malignant process).

The main disadvantages of computer tomography is a relatively high dose of ionizing radiation to which the patient is exposed to during the study, as well as contraindications to the use of contrast agents in patients with known allergies or with impaired renal excretory function. With the presence of side effects studies have linked a number of relative contraindications, as well as, in some cases, the need for pre-medication to prepare.

Low doses of radiation in the early diagnosis of lung cancer in Israel

Medical centers specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in Israel , conduct a CT scan with a low dose of radiation exposure for the early diagnosis of the disease in patients with risk factors in the absence of clinical manifestations of the disease. Modern computer technology and the use of highly sensitive matrices CT devices allow our doctors to obtain good image quality and high resolution, sufficient for the diagnosis of volume processes even at a low dose of radiation, causing no significant harm to the body.

The advanced research protocol allows in some cases to renounce the use of contrast material, thereby reducing to a minimum the likelihood of side effects and the risk of complications. The application of modern techniques CT have expanded indications for the use of this high-precision method.

Recent studies conducted by scientists from many countries, including the United States and Israel, have shown the high efficacy of computed tomography protocol low dose irradiation for early diagnosis in the population groups at risk. Specialists of the leading Israeli clinics recommend you to contact your doctor to clarify the indications for scanning aimed at the early detection of cancer.


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