Needle Biopsy - Biopsy in Israel

Needle biopsy of the internal organs in Israel is carried out by experts at "Herzliya Medical Center."

The application of innovative technologies such as minimally invasive techniques allow surgeons to avoid the classic open procedures, preventing possible complications and pain in patients.

Needle Biopsy Procedure

This method of biopsy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that obtains tissue samples from the deep-seated internal organs. The resultant preparations are carefully laboratory examined.

Modern methods of minimally invasive diagnostics in Israel allow a needle biopsy for most organs, including the dense tissue. Cutting-edge needles help obtain small samples of cylindrical shape, located in the lumen of the needle, which is easily and safely extracted outward.

Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy in Israel

This kind of biopsy is a fine-needle aspiration biopsy. In this case a fine-needle puncture is done which has a minimal trauma to the organ under investigation. Tissue preparation is carried out by a vacuum aspiration (suction) of the contents of the pathological focus. The method of fine needle aspiration biopsy is less effective at high-density tissue puncture, which prevents the possibility of aspiration.

Indications for Biopsy in Israel

Needle biopsy in Israel is used if a laboratory confirmation of the final diagnosis is necessary for the following indications:

  • Suspicion of malignancy. In this case, a biopsy to determine the histological type of the tumor and its immunological and genetic characteristics becomes necessary for the correct choice of treatment strategy
  • Differential diagnosis of benign processes, of inflammatory, allergic and autoimmune nature
  • Diagnosis of deep limited infectious processes. Needle biopsy allows professionals to get a sample of the affected tissue for further microscopic examination and bacteriological seeding

Indications for biopsy, as well as the choice of methodology conducted at "Herzliya Medical Center" is carried out strictly on an individual basis. The prerequisites of the procedure are satisfactory indicators of blood coagulation. The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia and is usually accompanied by the use of sedatives. In most cases, a needle biopsy is performed on an outpatient basis, which does not require hospitalization.


Types of Needle Biopsy in Israel

Depending on the preliminary results of ultrasound imaging, specialists at "Herzliya Medical Center" can judge on the density of the foci and apply one of the above methods of obtaining tissue samples. Most often, the following types of biopsy are conducted:

  • Needle biopsy of the thyroid gland. In needle biopsy of the thyroid gland, there is minimal risk of damage to surrounding healthy tissue. This method is indispensable in the diagnosis of primary thyroid cancer in Israel .
  • Hepatic biopsy. The method of liver biopsy in most cases prevents early applied open techniques or laparoscopic biopsy. Compared to a surgical biopsy puncture method, this method reduces the chance of internal bleeding. Hepatic biopsy is used not only to diagnose liver cancer , but also to determine the extent of organ damage in cirrhosis, viral hepatitis and some hereditary diseases
  • Needle biopsy of the breast. The methodology of needle breast biopsy is indicated for mammography or ultrasound evidence of bulk processes suspected to be of malignant nature. For the diagnosis of breast cancer in Israel a fine-needle aspiration biopsy and biopsy cutting needle are widely-used methods.

The decisive factor in the success of cancer treatment is early and exact diagnosis. The professional approach at "Herzliya Medical Center" guarantees high quality and a fast completion of all the necessary diagnostic procedures within a single multi-hospital.


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