Lung Cancer Check Up

Are you a smoker? Have you smoked in the past? Live or work in a polluted environment?

Herzliya Medical Center has a unique and effective screening program for the diagnosis of lung cancer

Professor Nir Peled, a leading oncologist, pulmonologist at "Herzliya Medical Center" and the chairman of the International Association of Lung Cancer (World Lung Cancer Association) strongly recommends that the population at risk of lung cancer, should go through a simple and effective diagnosis for the early detection of lung cancer.

The diagnostic process takes only one day, results are ready in two days.

High risk lung cancer patients:

  • Smokers or passive smokers
  • Patients with a history of lung cancer
  • Exposure to asbestos
  • A poor diet
  • Working with nuclear reactors

The International Association of Lung Cancer have come up with a risk assessment formula for smokers. The calculation is as follows: the number of packs smoked per day multiplied by the number of years of smoking. Lung cancer experts know according to the formula who is at high risk for the development of malignant diseases of the lung.

HMC’s program for early diagnosis of lung cancer:

• Spirometry test

• Ergometer test

CT protocol of low-dose irradiation

• Consultation with Professor Nir Peled

Total of lung cancer diagnosis: $ 1400

Lung cancer is ranked first in the world in terms of mortality.

• 6,000,000 patients die each year from lung cancer

• Only 15% of lung cancer patients are diagnosed at an early stage

• In 53.4% of lung cancer cases, the detection of the disease occurs at later stages

• Only 3.4% of the patients who seek assistance of a doctor at a later stage, have a chance of recovery.

An early detection of lung cancer is vital in the recovery of this disease. It is recommended to have a thorough check-up by the leading physician Professor Nir Peled at HMC.


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