Herzliya Medical Center, the leading private hospital in Israel is honored to introduce the newly renovated, state of the art and advanced Catheterization center. The best team of medical experts await to care, assist and provide for you, in your time of need.

Catheterization – the procedure

Catheterization is a diagnostic procedure that aids in detecting and negating sclerotic processes in blood and cardiac vessels, while eliminating existing blockage. A tiny catheter is inserted and contrast material is injected.

The physician, medical staff and x-ray technicians are able to observe and monitor continuous x-ray, actual imaging, allowing for the detection of blood vessel blockage. once obstruction is determined the relevant treatment plan is implemented.

The Catheterization process allows for actual diagnostic and relevant immediate treatment.

Above all, the priorities of the doctors and the entire medical staff are the health and well-being of the patient and promoting and improving life-quality.

A personalized treatment plan is applied, based on medical history and personal information (age, gender) for each individual patient, together with diagnostic, technical applications.

During the procedure the medical team applies physiological measurements, "FFR" – Fractional Flow Reserve management, which monitoring arterial blood flow.

In comparison to other hospitals at Herzliya Medical Center, Catheterization are performed on a regular basis and are aimed on personalizing our unique treatment plan.

Conservative treatment

The most common conservative treatments for lowering risk factors are medications, to regular healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels, as well as, a healthier diet and exercise strategy.

Therapeutic heart catheterization

If there is significant narrowing of the arteries observed, it may be found necessary to insert a balloon and a stent that secrete the most up to date medications, helping to preserve normal blood flow.

Diagnosis – surgical intervention

There are cases that reveal the need for by-pass surgery, due to significant blockage of the blood vessels. In this situation, depending on urgency, the patient is transferred to the heart institute and will be treated by one of the leading cardiac surgeons in the country, of his own choice.

The importance of choosing the correct Catheterization theatre

Catheterization is a safe conventional procedure that has been performed for decades on countless patients.

Herzliya medical center has recently acquired a state of the art "continuous monitoring x-ray imagine device” that allows for actual on-line display of the patients’ blood vessels. These on-line x-rays views, that are displayed on large screens in the cauterization theatre at all times, accompanied by a small amount of contrast material that is injected, allowing for the doctor and medical staff to view on a constant basis, blood flow in large areas of the body simultaneously and to perform the necessary treatment with optimum technique and precision.

This newly designed theatre, together with cutting-edge technology is the sole Catheterization center in Israel that has sufficiently reduced the radiation intensively by 70%.

The three main instruments used during the Catheterization procedure:

  1. Catheter – a flexible hollow tube employed to distend body passages for diagnostic examination, inserted and contrast material is injected.
  2. Balloon – a medical balloon is inserted to the blood vessels when necessary to distend the width of the artery.
  3. Stent – a coil, available in numerous sizes inserted into the vessel walls for support and allowing and conserving free flowing. There a many kinds of stents, always in stock and the patient has the option to choose stents that are absorbed by the body. All of the stents available at HMC are the most advanced and FDA approved.

Catheterization - a common procedure and the importance of the specific doctor who performs the process

It is true that this is a common procedure and years of experience is crucial to make the difference, especially in regard to invasive procedures. Here at HMC, our doctors the most experienced expertise medical professional are here for you. The medical team and x-ray technicians are able to observe and monitor continuous x-ray imaging at all times, allowing for the detection of blood vessel blockage. once obstruction is determined, the relevant treatment plan is implemented.

As a patient in our private hospital you are entitled to determine the doctor of your choice. We are obligated and honor your decisions and the doctor named will accompany you through all stages of your treatment plan.

We commit that all of our doctors will have senior status, with years of experience, guaranteeing you "peace of mind".

Safety and quality

The HMC Catheterization theatre is unique in Israel, recently designed as a most modern center with maximum safety measures employed. The center is hermetically sealed to guarantee the utmost sterility while the patient receives high quality treatment and privacy.

Following Catheterization procedure

Following the Catheterization procedure the patient is transferred to the admittance ward, where he receives VIP service, as it is our priority and policy to extend excellent care.

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