Mitral Valve Replacement in Israel

Mitral valve replacement in Israel is conducted by leading surgeons at "Herzliya Medical Center" private hospital.  Its close cooperation with Cardiac Surgery Centers around the world has brought the use of the latest technologies of diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases, ensuring superior quality of medical care and maximizing patient safety during the most complex open-heart surgeries. Patients at "Herzliya Medical Center" private hospital are provided with the best conditions in Israel when it comes to hospitalization wards and hospital staff, who provide a full support, contributing to a speedy recovery.

The Dangers of Mitral Valve Prolapse

Mitral (double door) heart valve is located between the left atrium and the ventricle. Its task is to provide sealing between the flows of the heart during ventricular contraction, not allowing blood to return into the atrium. The valve consists of two movable wings (so called two-step). Mitral valve deflection (prolapse) leads to its incomplete closure and as a consequence to the return of blood into the left atrium during heart contraction.

Hemodynamic disturbances caused by the inefficient functioning of the affected valve lead to a progressive heart failure and permanent disability. An additional defect of the mitral valve, leading to serious violations of blood circulation is the stenosis (narrowing) of the valve ring, which prevents the free blood flow between the left sides of the heart. Operation to replace the mitral valve in the heart cardiac surgery unit at "Herzliya Medical Center" will relieve patients from hemodynamic disturbances caused by heart this disease and prevent the development of irreversible complications.

Symptoms of Mitral Valve Disease

Clinical signs of mitral valve defects carp with the development of heart failure, manifested fatigue during physical exertion, progressive dyspnea and peripheral edema. During an exacerbation of the disease, a serious threat to the live of patients requires an immediate treatment. As the disease progresses, your heart exhausts its compensatory abilities and medication loses its effectiveness. Timely diagnosis and treatment of mitral valve defects in specialized centers of cardiac surgery will prevent damage to the heart muscle and relieve the distressing symptoms of heart failure.

Diagnosis Mitral Valve Disease in Israel

A diagnostic program for mitral valve prolapse in Israel includes a number of modern researches. Patients at "Herzliya Medical Center" Private Hospital can pass all the required diagnostic procedures within the cardiac surgery department in a very short time. The main methods of diagnosis of alular heart defects in Israel are:

  • Echographic study of the heart, including transesophageal ECHO (TEE), effectively complementing the pattern obtained by scanning through the thorax
  • ECG monitoring for diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias
  • The study of the coronary circulation by isotope scan and angiography. Circulatory disorders of the heart muscle are often associated with valvular and cardiac failure
  • A survey of the general condition of the patient using chest radiography, general and specific blood tests, including a complete biochemical and check clotting

Mitral Valve Prolapse Treatment in Israel

Cardiologists at "Herzliya Medical Center" Private Hospital obtain an individual approach to each case of mitral valve disease taking into account the nature of the defeat, the degree of heart failure, the patient's age and the presence of underlying chronic diseases. Unfortunately, conservative treatment of prolapse and mitral valve stenosis is not always effective in advanced stages of the disease. Cardiac specialists provide complete information about the possibilities of surgical treatment that can radically change the future life of the patients.

Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery in Israel

Surgical treatment of mitral valve in Israel is carried out by two basic methods:

  • Plastic butterfly valve with an attempt to restore its functional abilities - shown in the partial defeat of the valve.
  • Operation to completely replace the mitral valve to the mechanical or biological implant with a full correction of hemodynamic disturbances caused by defect.

Modern methods of surgery practiced successfully by cardiac surgeons at "Herzliya Medical Center" allow the use of biological prostheses in most cases for the replacement of the mitral valve. The advantage of the use of biological implant compared with its mechanical analogue is that there is no need for lifelong use of drugs that reduce blood clotting to prevent thrombotic complications.

Professional approach is practiced in “Herzliya Medical Center" leading private hospital and is the key to effective treatment in Israel and rapid postoperative rehabilitation.


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