Coronary Stent in Israel

High level of cardiology and cardiac surgery in Israel effectively fights diseases of the heart vessels. Coronary Stent in Israel is one of the most common treatments for atherosclerosis.

Specialists of the Cardiac Surgery Center at Herzliya Medical Center Private Hospital perform all kinds of modern procedures for vessels of the heart, aorta and peripheral arteries, including the most advanced stenting techniques.

Herzliya Medical Center is known far beyond the borders of Israel for its highly professional and impressive achievements in the field of minimally invasive surgery of the heart and blood vessels.

What Are the Risks Associated Having Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease?

The task of the coronary arteries (the arteries of the heart) is to ensure a sufficient supply of blood to all parts of the heart muscle. The ability to maintain normal blood flow in the vessels depends on the diameter and elasticity of the vascular wall. Atherosclerotic vessels of the heart is part of a systemic disease characterized by the formation of intravascular cholesterol plaques located under the inner layer of the artery.

The progressive growth of atherosclerotic deposits leads to a narrowing of the lumen and significantly reduces its capacity. Atherosclerotic coronary vessels causes a mismatch between the heart muscle of oxygen supply and the ability of arteries to provide the necessary circulation for delivery being the main cause of coronary heart disease, the clinical manifestations of which (angina and myocardial infarction) are often life threatening.

Most importantly is that atherosclerotic changes may threaten not only the vessels of the heart. Circulatory disorders caused by plaque-can be observed in the main arteries (the aorta and its branches), vessels of the brain and in peripheral vessels (renal arteries, the vessels of extremities), causing symptoms of local ischemia. Timely diagnosis and treatment can prevent severe atherosclerosis, and sometimes irreversible complications.

Vascular Disease Diagnosis in Israel

The Cardiac Surgery Department at Herzliya Medical Center Private Hospital specializes in all kinds of modern diagnostics of vascular disease. Specialists conduct examination of the coronary arteries and blood vessels throughout the body. The main methods of diagnosis of vascular diseases in Israel are:

  • Angiography - X-ray method assisted by the introduction of a contrast agent. This procedure is of great importance to determine heart and vascular lesions diagnosis of peripheral circulatory disorders
  • Cardiac CT - an innovative non-invasive method for studying the state of the coronary vessels successfully used by cardiologists at Herzliya Medical Center. The procedure is a special protocol computed tomography, which allows a detailed assessment of the condition of the heart vessels without the need for invasive intervention
  • Radioisotopic scan has important diagnostic value in the diagnosis of coronary and pulmonary blood flow and pulmonary
  • Ultrasound examination of the Doppler method. Widely used method of diagnosis for both arterial and venous blood flow. The method allows not only to diagnose atherosclerotic narrowing of the arteries but also venous thrombosis.
  • Comparative measurement of blood pressure for diagnosis of circulatory disorders in the limbs

Artery Stenting in Israel – Blocked Artery Treatment

Operation and stenting of the affected vessel can not only effectively reveal its pathological narrowing but also to prevent the re-narrowing and circulation failure in this area. Artery stenting in Israel meets the most stringent safety standards and is a profiling method of treating atherosclerosis which has replaced the classic vascular surgery. The procedure is performed during catheterization - minimally invasive intravascular interventions usually provided, under local anesthesia. After the detection of the atherosclerotic section, where plaque narrows one’s arteries, a dilatation of vessels is done in order to restore its normal diameter.

The next step is the implantation of the intravascular expander (stent), preventing re-narrowing of the vessel. Surgeons at Herzliya Medical Center Private Hospital use high-quality stent drugs that prevents blood clots in the procedure, which greatly increases its effectiveness over time.

In addition to coronary artery stenting, the Center's specialists perform minimally invasive cardiac surgery procedures for stenting the aorta and peripheral arteries. The unsurpassed quality of medical services provided at Herzliya Medical Center is a guarantee for a speedy recovery.


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