Angioplasty Treatment in Israel

Angioplasty is conducted to widen a narrowed section of the artery. The aim of angioplasty is to increase the flow of blood to the heart muscle, this procedure is easier than a bypass surgery because it is not an open chest surgery but conducted with a minimally invasive technique. In order to identify any blockage, a cardiac catheterization is done first of all and then a balloon is inserted which is inflated and widens the artery. After the artery is widened, the doctor deflates the balloon and a stent is inserted. In angioplasty, stents are put into Place to Keep the artery Wide enough for the Blood to Flow, to Keep Open the blockage permanently. There are two types of stents; the metal stents and the drug eluting stents.

Symptoms of patients who need angioplasty

  • Severe or an ongoing chest pain which does not respond to medicine
  • Evidence of a decrease in blood flow to the heart muscle which is caused by a narrowed coronary artery
  • If you suffer from atherosclerosis; a slow buildup of plaques in the heart's blood vessels
  • Patients who experience a heart attack

Angioplasty Treatment

The doctor uses a catheter, which is inserted into the patient's blood vessel from the wrist or the groin. He / she then pushes the catheter until it comes to a point where the coronary artery is blocked. After the doctor identifies the blocked artery, a stent is inserted. This procedure of inserting a stent is a standard procedure in angioplasty. The stent improves the blood flow by pushing the plaque against the artery walls and thus opening the artery. The stent helps the artery walls from narrowing again.

After treatment of angioplasty

Patients who had an angioplasty procedure are monitored in the recovery room. They are closely supervised for any signs of bleeding in the insertion site, also, blood pressure and heart rate is carefully monitored. Within twenty four hours you will be able to walk again, usually after an overnight in hospital. You will take medicine according to the type of stent you've had implanted. It is important to go to a cardiac rehabilitation center and change your lifestyle; change you eating habits and start exercising.

How is angioplasty conducted in Israel?

Experts at Herzliya Medical Center private hospital are experienced in this medical procedure and conduct angioplasty by thousands a year. The Hospital is equipped with the Latest Technology Which assists the Doctors to Provide excellent Medical Service. Angioplasty is Done with local Anesthesia, it is uncomfortable for the Patient but not painful. Angioplasty is conducted by professional cardiologists at Herzliya Medical Center private hospital. Many good hospitals around the world do not have specialists who are experts in this procedure although is quite in demand. Angioplasty procedure at HMC has very high success rates, this procedure is a very popular one among outbound and inbound patient due to high patient satisfaction and the return to normal life within a couple of days after the insertion of the stents.

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