Herzliya Medical Center - the Choice of the UN

Herzliya Medical Center (HMC) Private Hospital in Israel is a state-of-the-art medical institution which provides a wide range of medical services to all the peacekeeping international organizations in Israel: UNDOF, U.N., UNIFIL, UNTSO & MFO.

Herzliya medical Center has been cooperating with the U.N. and other global organizations since 1984. The latter chose to cooperate with Herzliya Medical Center for its all-embracing top-notch medical services which include:

  • Cutting-edge diagnostic facilities
  • Modern laboratories
  • Advanced imaging institutes
  • Leading physicians and surgeons who boast extensive knowledge in all fields of medicine
  • Exclusive hospitalization standards
  • First class rehabilitation services

Herzliya Medical Center provides out-patient treatments as well for U.N. employees and their families. The professional nursing and administrative staff generate supportive work for the doctors, who make the whole medical experience effective and as pleasant as possible.

Since 1999, U.N. and UNDOF elected Herzliya Medical Center (HMC) Private Hospital the number one medical service provider in Israel. The rating includes the level of medical assistance provided, the qualification of the physicians, the standards of the operating rooms and the intensive care unit.

Herzliya Medical Center is located in Herzliya, an attractive seaside town with a stunning beach. The convenient location of the hospital allows all U.N. employees to arrive from the South and the North of Israel in a couple of hours.

U.N. and all other international patients receive immediate access to health care services upon their admission to Herzliya Medical Center. The hospital offers them a chance to be placed on the priority list.

Israel hosts many international organizations which have the option to choose the best medical service provider for their employees; they are obliged to provide their employees access to top-class medical services; Herzliya medical Center caters these organizations due to its superior medical services.


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