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Herzliya Medical Center Private Hospital and the Diplomatic Corps in Israel have had strong ties since the opening of HMC private medical institute.

  • Herzliya Medical Center has been a medical service provider in all fields of medicine for the Diplomats and their families for the past twenty years and keeps on maintaining a successful cooperation between the two bodies.
  • The Diplomatic Corps, which consists of sixty four Embassies, High Commissions & Consulates, chose Herzliya Medical Center Private Hospital to be the leading medical institution for all types of medical service due to HMC’s physicians, who are globally ranked as superior. Doctors at HMC serve as Heads of Department in public hospitals and private clinics and boast extensive knowledge in all fields of medicine.
  • The Diplomatic Corps enjoy (like all medical tourists) first class hospitalization standards with pampering facilities. All diplomatic employees and their families are admitted to comfortable, modern hospital rooms and receive individual attention by professional staff.
  • The convenient geographic location for the Diplomats living in Tel-Aviv, Ra’anana and Herzliya facilitates admission to the top-notch hospital close by.
  • All diagnostic facilities, labs and imaging institutes are also to be found at Herzliya Medical Center, easy and accessible for the medical patient.
  • Herzliya Medical Center has a multilingual staff that speak twelve languages and serve the diplomatic patients in their native language, which is very convenient.
  • Foreign Nationals from the U.S, Europe and Australia serving in diplomatic missions in Israel and are used to high standards of medical service, naturally find the same standard of medical level at Herzliya Medical Center Private Hospital; Israel is known for its advancement in technology and constant improvement in healthcare standards, especially in top-notch private medical hospitals as HMC.
  • All Diplomatic Corps (and medical travelers) receive immediate access to healthcare services at Herzliya Medical Center.

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